The Structure of a 100 Words Essay

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What should the structure be like for a 100 word essay?

Step 1-create a contention

Everything that will be contained in your essay will revolve around your line of argument. This is the most important part of an essay; you will use your theory in the whole essay.

A contention should be able to answer the questions being asked in the opening paragraph of your essay

When one is writing they are to use the essay to weigh in the line of argument used.

For the topic should the United Nations implement an oversight authority to control the involvement of cooperation directly or indirectly in countries? Our contention would be:

The United Nations should have an oversight authority to control the e involvement of mining cooperations directly or indirectly in a country if they are not biased in their involvement.

Step 2- write the introduction

The introduction should be enticing to the reader to narrow down the line of argument.

It starts with a general statement on the topic asked or to be expounded on in the essay, followed by an additional sentence that led us to the line of argument. Here is an introduction to our essay with a line of argument at the end:

The United Nations was formed in 1945 to promote peace, national coherence, and promote human rights among its 51 countries. The establishment of mining cooperation in the world has been a threat to the national resources in various countries. Without regulations, cooperation can corrupt the government to undermine national peace and human rights for resources. Therefore, the United Nations should have an oversight to control its involvement in countries.

100 words essay with
100 words essay with

Step 3- write the body paragraphs

The body is the most important part of any essay, the thesis will be expounded on the body paragraph supported by the evidence.

In the body part, one should be able to ask and answer the questions that led to the point of view that is taken when starting the line of argument.

Undermining human rights, many cooperations use force to evict the people that were the original inhabits of the land that has rich minerals. This act mostly undermines the United Nations human rights Charter and the act is dangerous since no one can check their involvement since they technically own the government.

Cooperations sponsoring violence to evict the people who are found strategically to the minerals. through this irresponsible act, it leads to unrest in these communities.

Step 4- conclusion

The last paragraph in an essay is used to summarize all the paragraphs and it is the most important part of an essay. In the conclusion paragraph, its important is that it will be able to tell the reader which direction the author of the essay took based on the contention at the beginning of the introduction paragraph, supported by the body.

Here is an example of how to conclude an essay:

Not all mining cooperatives are engaged in malicious activities that undermine the United Nations Charter but those that are involved need to be regulated since the government is also involved, the United Nations should be able to form an oversight authority. The oversight authority would be able to prioritize the protection of human rights.

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